Showreel 2018

I produced, filmed and edited all the clips in this showreel. 

Alpine Seed Conservation
Ghana's gold diggers: Scramble comes at high cost

People have mined for gold in what is now Ghana for thousands of years. The precious metal has always been easy to find, hence the name the British gave the country when they colonised it: the Gold Coast. This four-part film series, made for SciDev.Net, investigates the role of illegal, small-scale mining — an increasingly important part of Ghana’s gold producing industry — and its impacts on human health and the environment.

The AIDS orphan fighting stigma with music
Becoming a top female fisheries researcher in Kenya

In this film, part of SciDev.Net’s series Africa’s PhD renaissance, scientist Nina Wambiji talks about how the support she has received from AWARD (African Women in Agricultural Research and Development) has helped her become a leading researcher in her field. The film follows Wambiji as she works with a fishing community in Msambweni and back in her lab in Mombasa.

Thames Herring

Official selection London International Documentary Festival 2011.
A film following Andrew French and his son as they fish for Herring in the Thames Estuary. A once thriving fishery, theirs is the only boat still commerically fishing for Herring out of West Mersea, Essex.

It pays to stay sharp

The story of an industry dominated by the descendents of one man, who at the end of the 19th century walked out of his village in the Dolomites to make his way across Europe to Deptford. His sole companion his trusted grindstone. A tale of family, immigration and technological development
Official selection Trento Film Festival 2014


A film made with ITN newsreader Alastair Stewart, of Care International UK’s Lend with Care project in Srebrenica, Bosnia. Funded in conjunction with the Cooperative Bank.
The film was shown on the Guardian’s website.


Video for Care International, Plan and Barclays on
the Banking on Change programme in Uganda.

Rose D'Orient

A film made for the owners of the traditional Riad, La Rose D’Orient, Marrakech, Morocco. Music by Jim Howard.

Africa builds the world's largest radio telescope

In 2012, South Africa won the bid to host the largest part of the international Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope project. It will consist of more than 2,500 telescopes spread out across the nation and partner countries in Africa. 

This film explores how the project — as well as unlocking some of the mysteries of the universe — will lead to South Africa and its African partners acquiring the technological and scientific research skills needed to contribute to today’s global knowledge economy. 

Battle against time to bank world's threatened seeds

The Kew Millennium Seed Bank is the hub of a global conservation network that aims, by 2020, to store a quarter — or 75,000 — of the world’s plant species, with a particular focus on the most endangered, economically important and endemic. It is, as its director Jonas Mueller describes, “the biggest conservation project on earth”.
This video, swings open Kew’s doors to delve deep into the laboratories and icy bunkers of the seed bank and speak to the scientists entrusted with collecting and protecting the seeds.